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((It's canon that Suupuu doesn't remember his first transformation. So I'm going with that XD))

Current Mood: confused confused

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Humph. Just like Taikoubou to disappear without telling anyone.

Taikoubou! I know you're around here somewhere! You'd better show up!

And where'd Choukoumei go? He didn't run off, he ain't a coward.

Damn it Taikoubou, you idiot, if he wins this is your damn fault!

((Suupuushan has transformed, around the time of this battle in the manga. He is much tougher and colder than in his normal form, doesn't use -su or call Taikoubou "Goshujin", and, while this probably isn't relevant to other characters, he can absorb energy from Paopei. He'll be flying around looking for Taikoubou, and for the enemy Choukoumei, since he was in that battle))
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Mouu, Goshujin's off slacking again-su =o= He's the laziest Doushi I know-su! He's going to get it from Genshitenson-sama some day-su.

...I'm bored-su.

Current Mood: bored bored

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What are all these penguins doing here-su? What are they singing-su? What's that red moon-su?

It's all weird-su e___e

Current Mood: confused confused

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Arigatou-su, Sonic-kun.


Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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Goshujin started a shop of his own-su...

I guess I should be happy-su...but is it really ok-su? Instead of going back to fight Dakki he's just getting himself food-su.

I don't like staying here-su...there's something strange about it-su. And the flamingos keep staring at me-su.

Current Mood: discontent discontent

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Wh-what was that explosion-su??

Goshujin?!? GOSHUJIN?!?!?!

Current Mood: distressed distressed

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I was just in a big black void-su! It was so dark and scary-su! There were other people there-su!

I don't know what I was doing there-su, and now Goshujin's dinner is cold-su!

I'm a failure-su T___T
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((because Suupuu is rarely ever put into fanfic (that I recall at least), he has disappeared for this event. Bou-chan, feel free to notice that a certain hippo isn't bringing you lunch today))
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